Pro-edge Recordings and Transcriptions is the leading service provider in recordings and transcriptions of disciplinary hearings, court cases, inquiries, arbitrations, conferences, corporate meetings, interviews, video conferencing platforms etc. With more than 17 years’ experience, our philosophy demands that we adhere to global industry standards and provide exceptional service in accordance with client requirements. We are therefore committed to provide flexible solutions to each client based on their specific prerequisites in order to optimise the quality of service and the product being delivered.



We provide a team of highly experienced technicians who are thoroughly trained in the setting up and operation of professional sound equipment to ensure a clear sound experience during your event. Our services also include the provision of delegate microphones, roving microphones, amplified speakers and lapel microphones which can be set up in accordance with your specifications.

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In order to optimise the quality and efficiency of the recording services provided, our highly qualified technicians are trained to identify the needs of your event and to provide customised equipment and layout solutions to suit your specific requirements. We understand that technical difficulties may occur and for this reason a back-up recording system is implemented during each event to ensure that all recordings are safe and data loss does not occur.


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All our technicians have an Information Technology background which is integrated with digital sound recording software that is utilised in unison to provide a top quality recorded product. Furthermore, by utilising professional sound equipment our technical team can ensure that any environmental sound interference can be reduced, thereby optimising delegates’ experience during the event as well as ensuring a recorded product of exceptional quality. 



Our service offering distinguishes itself on the basis of product quality, efficiency and value that can be trusted. We strive to ensure accuracy as well as efficiency which is evident in our transcripts and turnaround period. The dedicated team of typists are experienced in the legal industry and are also well versed in legal and corporate terminology. They are highly skilled and have extensive knowledge within the industry, which enables them to ensure that your transcript is precise and accurate.

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We are committed to provide a product of exceptional quality and to this end all documents are thoroughly edited before delivery. We believe that attention to detail is key and therefore all spelling and grammatical errors are reviewed by highly qualified editors. Our transcripts are standardized in terms of layout and appearance which enables the reader to easily distinguish speakers as well as sections within the event. Our services also include transcribing matters that have already been pre-recorded which can be uploaded onto our dedicated file server remotely.


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We understand that matters dealt with by our clients may be of a very sensitive nature and confidentiality is therefore of the utmost importance. For this purpose, it is a strict requirement for all our employees to sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that the information will remain secure throughout the period within which the services are rendered as well as thereafter. We also utilise a secure dedicated file server which uses file transfer encryption software to ensure all electronic files are stored and backed-up safely.

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